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Keeping It Fancy: NYC Summer Fancy Food Show Recap


Leah's Gourmet Sauces actually exhibited this year at the New York Fancy Food Show and it was great! We were very pleased by the reception and were able to make some wonderful connections. Great things are on the horizon :) 

Last year, though we were completely unbranded and had no products in stores or markets, we got an amazing opportunity to assist some of the other Commonwealth Kitchen Companies with their exhibits at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show. 

It was an amazing experience to say the least, and inspired us to work harder to build our brand and ultimately be able to exhibit with the other food incubators in incubator Village this year, and was a pleasure exhibiting alongside some of the member companies of the Commonwealth Kitchen. We certainly reconnected with old friends and made some new ones along the way.


Throughout our three (3) days at the show, we had a chance to try some of the new and exciting trends in food and were mind blown by the all the innovation in the food industry.

To top it off, we got to meet Chef Elizabeth Falkner. So Fancy!

See additional photos from the show below: 



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