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A Gourmet Twist on Sparkling Lemonade

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Its summer time and we want to make sure your thirsts are fully quenched the right way! 

Sparkling Lemonade photo courtesy of @thespicedkitchen(Sparkling Lemonade photo courtesy of @thespicedkitchen)

This weekend at the Roslindale Farmer's Market, we met the lovely Daniela Cho, owner and founder of The Spiced Kitchen food blog. Daniela was super sweet and gracious enough to share with us this absolutely gorgeous Sparkling Lemonade recipe!

We've posted this super refreshing Sparkling Lemonade recipe : made using Leah's Gourmet Blueberry Cinnamon Sauce. We promise you wont be disappointed!

Recipe ingredients for (two) 2 servings : 
4 tablespoons simple syrup
4 tablespoons Blueberry Cinnamon Sauce
1 whole lemon ( juiced) 
1 can sparkling lemonade
Adding your favorite spirits optional!
Stir, then pour over half cup of ice. Garnish with your favorite  microgreens and enjoy!
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With Love, 
Leah's Gourmet Sauces 


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